Montserrat Mountainis one of the most emblematic places in Catlonia and during the 365 days in the year receives visitors that came from every part of the world. This mountain, situated near the river Llobregat, has a monastery situated at725 mover sea level and in that Benedictine monastery is placed “La Escolania” one of the most ancient coral group of kids in Europe and “La Moreneta” the virgin of Montserrat.

The Mountain is a symbol of Catalonia and lots of legends talk about it because its peculiar form. Both features are part of the collective imaginary of Catalan people.


This place is not only used for religious or spiritual activities, here we can do several route trips and cultural activities.


Nature lovers have the possibility to choose the path which is more adequate for them. If you are looking for a suitable and easy walk that takes less than hour, you should take the path that goes from the monastery to the Plane of “Taràntules”. Even there are paths that take only 20 minutes, like the one that starts in Taràntules and goes to the chapel of “Santa Magdalena” crossing Jacob’s stairs.  

If you are looking for good views, you should take the path that goes from the monastery to “Sant Jeroni” is the most recommendable. The duration is between two or three hours but the views from that hill at1.236 metersare fantastic.


His cultural offers are very interesting. It has got a museum that has important works like the collection of Sant Joan and Sant Onofre, a route through the works of Subirachs in the Monastery and six important collections. There are exposed more than 1.300 pieces, from an Egyptian sarcophagus from twenty-two century BC until a sculpture of Josep M. Subirachs in 2001. 

It’s relevant the collection of gold and silver works in a group of liturgical objects that are dated from fifteenth century and paint works from every moment. Painters like: Greco, Caravaggio, Fortuny and Picasso are some of the authors.

The Monastery is an authentic Museum in open air. Another attractive activity is the audiovisual space Inside Montserrat, where we can see some ordinary activities that monks do and visitors can do a virtual visit into the more representative places.

The organ an original Catalan piece

This characteristic instrument was built in Blancafort (Orgueners de Montserrat) they are Catalans who keep a large tradition of making tribune organs. These kinds of organs are typical from Catalonia since early sixteenth century and are related with other instruments found in other places like the cathedral ofSan Juanin Perpinyà o the cathedral inTarragona.